Illustration by Sarah Decker.

Give Guide

Eugene Weekly’s annual listing of local nonprofits deserving your love and support - part 1

Every year there are scores of nonprofits that deserve support. This year, like so many of us, nonprofits have been hit financially by the COVID-19 pandemic. They are unable to do their usual fundraisers and outreach in a time when people need their services more than ever. We asked community members to tell us why we should give to these wonderful groups, so please read and support — either financially or with your time and effort. We had too many nonprofits to fit in one issue, so stay tuned for Part 2. —  EW Staff

Social Services and Homelessness

Carry It Forward 

Emergency and pick up 541-844-9331
Executive director 541-912-0404

PO Box 50121 Eugene, OR 97405 •

“This boots on the ground, informed, compassionate organization is changing how our community deals with issues adjacent to homelessness.” — Richard York 

Catholic Community Services of Lane County

1025 G St., Springfield OR 9747

541-345-3628 •

“By volunteering at Catholic Community Services, I know that I have an immediate, significant impact on our neighbors and help make the community a better and safer place for everyone.”  Morgan Munro, Eugene Food Pantry volunteer

Centro Latino Americano

944 W. 5th Ave., Eugene OR 97402

541-687-2667 •

“Centro should be supported because the Spanish speaking community feels safe and comfortable in a place where there is Latin people ready to help and guide you. I came to Centro Latino Americano because they speak my language, and I feel comfortable and welcome in my language.” — Sol (translated)

Civil Liberties Defense Center 

1430 Willamette # 359 Eugene, OR 97401

541-687-9180 • 

“CLDC is key to success in the long run for the environmental and social justice causes that we believe in.  We invite you to join us in making a generous donation to CLDC because while justice may indeed be within reach, it’s going to take a lot of blood, sweat and tears — and likely lawsuits — to achieve it for everyone.” —  Eugene residents and CLDC supporters Wis and Susan Macomson 

Community Alliance of Lane County

458 Blair Blvd. Eugene, OR 97437

541-485-1755 •

“CALC’s recent accomplishments during COVID include: stopping illegal evictions, helping Latinx students get laptops for distance learning, a new food distribution program that doubles as a community organizing space among Latinx residents, and instigating the Rally for Democracy coalition determined to uphold voting rights for all.”  Ginny Osteen, community activist

Downtown Languages  

532 C St., Springfield, OR 97477

541-683-8483 •

“I volunteered as an assistant teacher during this last quarter over Zoom. It was a wonderful experience. Please help me to support this school where immigrants learn English, study for the GED and citizenship. It’s an amazing place!” — Susi Hukari

McKenzie Community Development Corporation (McKenzie CDC)

PO Box 406, Walterville, OR  97489

503-432-6342 •

 “In the aftermath of the Holiday Farm wildfire, the relief centers are making a tangible difference to McKenzie Valley community members who lost homes and incomes, through distribution of food, goods and information.” — Marilyn Cross

Reality Kitchen

645 River Rd. Eugene, OR 97405

“I have seen Catherine and Jim’s ongoing commitment to creating opportunities for individuals who experience intellectual and developmental disabilities to gain self confidence, skills and a future, as well as create community in their River Road facility.” — Sheila Thomas, supporter and board member

White Bird Clinic 

341 E. 12th Ave., Eugene, OR 97401

541-342-8255 •

 “A truly amazing place offering compassionate services and support to those who need it most. 24 hour crisis counseling and the CAHOOTS community response team are such a blessing for our community.” —Stacy Bierma-Welch, owner Harlequin Beads and Jewelry and White Bird Volunteer

St. Vincent de Paul Society of Lane County, Inc.

PO Box 24608 Eugene, OR 97402

541-687-5820 •

 “In a world too often characterized by greed and inequity, St. Vincent de Paul represents equity and the antithesis of greed… sympathetic to the marginalized, day after day, working programs that set people on their way toward self-sufficiency. Be assured that St. Vinnie’s will use your donations with efficiency and efficacy and great love.” — Brenda Kame’enui, SVdP monthly sustainer, volunteer, advocate.

Mental and Physical Health

The Trauma Healing Project 

1100 Charnelton St., Eugene OR  97401 

541-687-9447 • 

“This is the time, our time, for trauma healing. The Trauma Healing Project provides low to no-cost mind/body healing services for survivors of trauma and other community members. ” — Robert Lee

Sexual Assault Support Services of Lane County (SASS)

591 W. 19th Ave., Eugene, OR 97492

541-484-9791 •

“SASS is a small, behind-the-scenes organization with a HUGE impact on the lives of survivors of sexual violence. We’re a unique 24/7 place of safety, trust, compassion, support, advocacy, confidentially, education, guidance, respect, and more. I can’t imagine Eugene without SASS.”— Susan Lax

Fitness and Sports

Eugene Aikikai

870 W. 2nd Ave. B, Eugene, OR 97402  


“Eugene Aikikai is a community of support and love. As a long time member of the community and a board member I cannot recommend this enough for anyone looking for a wonderful way of personal development.  My life is so much richer because of this practice.” — David Metz

Eugene Civic Alliance

2077 Willamette, Eugene, OR 97405

541-525-6601 •

“Civic Park has lots of appeal for whatever you’d like to do outside; fitness, festivals and family-friendly events. Now, more than ever, it’s important to find ways to be together while staying apart, and Eugene Civic Alliance makes that happen. Civic Park is well-positioned to become the central meeting place for Lane County.” — Benjamin Wilkinson, Stop, Drop and Yoga

Eugene Parks Foundation

PO Box 11618, Eugene, OR 97440-3818

541-513-0771 •

“I believe parks, especially smaller, neighborhood parks, are an important component in livability and quality of life for Eugene residents. They provide a space for neighbors to interact with each other, meet new people, and engage in recreational activities. As a mother who raised four children, parks provide young people a safe place to interact with one another, and keep them off the streets and out of trouble.” — Lori Bumgardner, EPF donor

Veterans Yoga Project

Local contact:

PO Box 6472 Alameda, CA 94501


“Yoga was life-changing for me. I was holding down a lot of emotions and events from my combat experiences. After turning to yoga, I felt compelled to spread the word among my fellow veterans. Although not a cure, I honestly believe yoga is definitely part of the solution to veteran suicide.” — former Army medic John Mory

For the Youth

A Family For Every Child

1675 W. 11th Ave. Eugene, OR 97402

541-343-2856 ext. 11 •

“It’s really important for adults in our community to step up and show up for the youth in our community. I think that’s how we secure the future of our society by investing in young people. But also the world is a really scary place to be right now and young people need our support.”  — Jordan, mentor 

Cascadia Quest

PO Box 50594 Eugene, OR 97405

458-201-2868 •

“The wilderness initiation for youth into adulthood has guided my son to become a more grounded and conscientious young man. It was a solid way to usher him into adulthood with a clearer purpose for him and his intentions to be a helpful human being.” — Min Yi, mother of a 2016 Young Men’s Initiation participant

Community Outreach through Radical Empowerment (CORE)

Fiscally sponsored by Northwest Alliance for Alternative Media and Education (NAAME) 

3003 W. 11th Ave., #277, Eugene OR 97402

“During the wildfires in September, CORE Eugene was one of very few not-for-profits helping to get unhoused young people out of toxic smoke. And every street feed, we give these young people more than survival, we give them respect and mutual aid.” — Ericka Thessen, frontline health care worker and volunteer 

Court Appointed Special Advocates of Lane County

174 Deadmond Ferry Rd. Springfield, OR 97477


“In the eight years I have been a CASA advocate, I have seen how these dedicated volunteers can help change a child’s life for the better and especially during these challenging times when abused and neglected children need a CASA more than ever. You, too, can change a child’s story by supporting CASA or becoming a CASA advocate.”    Joel Korin, CASA advocate

Ophelia’s Place

1577 Pearl St. #100, Eugene, OR 97401

541-284-4333 •

“I used to get made fun of for how I wore my hair or the people I hung out with. But at Ophelia’s Place there’s all these girls who have gone through the same thing and they tell you, ‘You are an amazing person.’ Ophelia’s Place has given me a lot of self-esteem and I’m sure it has for other girls too.” — Sabia, age 12

Whole Earth Nature School

PO Box 5223 Eugene, OR 97405

541-937-5437 •

“What impresses me most about Whole Earth Nature School is their exceptional dedication to transforming kids into curious learners who are building skills not only to engage with nature in a meaningful way but also to cultivate the resilience and mental strength so necessary for a healthy and balanced life. As a parent and a doctor, I am passionate about supporting this program as a powerful tool for positive change for our youth and for their role as future leaders.” — Dr. Amelia Roth


Beyond Toxics

120 Shelton McMurphey Blvd., Suite 280 Eugene, OR 97401

541-465-8860 •

“Joining with Beyond Toxics gives me the ability to help be a voice for my community. Their passion to speak up for those individuals who have not been heard is what I value. Beyond Toxics has really helped me because I am one of those families harmed by the poor air quality in Eugene.”  — Arjorie Arberry-Baribeault, volunteer

Cascadia Wildlands

PO Box 10455 Eugene, OR 97440

541-434-1463 •

“Cascadia Wildlands stands strong for all the things that make our region so special: big trees, raging rivers and unique critters, and they have a passion and tenacity to defend the wild like no other. That is why we continue to be an ardent supporter of this outstanding organization and encourage others to do the same.” — Catherine Reinhart, co-owner, Sweet Life Patisserie

Friends of Family Farmers

PO Box 396 Corbett, OR 97019

503-581-7124 •

“To me the most valuable part of FoFF’s work is the public education component, like the InFARMations, which help the public get a better idea of what farms are doing and the importance of a healthy, local food system. Becoming a member of Friends of Family Farmers seemed like an easy way for me to support the local farming community, it was a good way for me to pitch in.” — Willa Bauman, a Friends of Family Farmers supporter and lifelong Eugene resident

Friends of Trees

1238 1/2 Lincoln St. Eugene, 97401

541-915-1601 •

“Nothing in my life lifts the anxiety, stress and guilt of our current climate crises like watering a young tree.  It may be a small tree and it does take time and energy, but if we all participate in this act during our summer months, the anxiety, stress and guilt just might transform into something wonderful, like pride, safety and happiness.” — Jon Clark

McKenzie River Trust

120 Shelton McMurphey Blvd. Ste. 270 Eugene, OR 97401  

541-345-2799 •

“Our McKenzie River drinking water improves the quality of our daily lives in ways we can hardly measure. We brag about our water to anyone willing to listen. We live within a short distance of places others can only dream about. It is difficult for us to give as much as we would like, so we focus on what we can do.” —Teresa Damron, monthly sustaining member

Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides (NCAP)

448 Charnelton St., Eugene, OR 97401

541-344-5044 •

“We are incredibly grateful to NCAP for the help and the knowledge they provided on plant selection for the installation of our beneficial insect habitat.” — Mike Sommer, Purple Sage Farms

Oregon Wild

PO Box 11648 Eugene, OR 97440

541-344-0675 •

“Oregon Wild’s rigorous effort to protect and restore our state’s wonderful wildlife, forests and waters is something I have always admired. The organization’s work is vital for our climate, access to clean water and the health of future generations.” — Naila Bhatri, Eugene-based Oregon Wild board member

Western Environmental Law Center

120 Shelton McMurphey Blvd., Ste. 340 Eugene, OR 97401

541-485-2471 •

“WELC’s mission is critical to me. Their work safeguarding public lands, wildlife, and communities in Oregon and across the American West needs to continue far after I’m gone. That’s why I became a legacy donor. WELC’s commitment to Oregon and the American West and all they serve is remarkable.” — Dyan Oldenburg, WELC donor