GOP Is A Seditious Cult

Now that the Republican party has been rebuffed by the Supreme Court, do not think that this treacherous cult will go back to being the loyal opposition and working for the good of the people. They didn’t with President Barack Obama and they won’t with President Joe Biden. Under the continuing sway of Donald Trump and friends, it will continue to engage in seditious acts in support of autocracy. This is not a mere partisan dispute, it is the political equivalent of firing on Fort Sumter.

The Republican party must learn that there are consequences for trying to overthrow the government of the United States. All members who signed that statement in support of the Texas suit to overturn the election must be expelled from the House of Representatives. Remember: They haven’t just been committing fraud and sowing confusion; they have been doing so in the midst of a national health emergency, a national economic emergency and a national civil rights emergency.  

The only thing more dangerous than the Supreme Court suit is the idea that our political institutions can go back to normal as if it never happened.

Jere C. Rosemeyer


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