COVID Touches A Family

This thing we have been following for months has finally invaded my life. My wife, Bonnie, lost her mom last night to COVID-19.

The pragmatic in me notes she was 88 years old, lived in a long term care home, and was beginning to suffer dementia. The husband in me sees the powerlessness and immense sorrow in Bonnie. We started heading to Redding, California, where her mom and dad are in care, as soon as we could on Tuesday, a six-hour drive. We were two hours away. We were in Medford when Bonnie got the call. Bonnie was not there when her mother passed.

Today, Wednesday, her father’s three daughters gathered outside of the window of his long term care home to give him the news. And to cry, and hurt, together. I have seen such scenes play out on TV, yet now I have lived it.

I feel for Bonnie, and know we will work through this. I am also angry. Very angry.

Leadership must do the people’s business, and not fall into ego projection and policing the people. Until that is the reality, the people will not trust.

Kehn ‘mambo’ Gibson