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Eugene Weekly’s annual listing of local nonprofits deserving your love and support - part 2

Social Services and Homelessness

Burrito Brigade

2040 Dewey St. Eugene, OR 97402

541-556-5051 •

 “This is an amazing group of volunteers who not only make and distribute over 700 vegan burritos each week but also support 22 little neighborhood pantries and a food hub distributing rescued food to those in need. I am proud to support them as a bean maker, pantry stocker and cheerleader/fundraiser.” — Chris Calis


Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide

1412 Pearl St. Eugene, OR 97401

541-687-8454 •

“These guys are the most dedicated defenders of environmental rights I have ever seen.” — Csaba Kiss, 2019 ELAW Fellow, Environmental Lawyer from Hungary


Exotic Bird Rescue of Oregon

PO Box 184 Springfield, OR 97477

541-461-4333 •

“Exotic Bird Rescue of Oregon (EBR) takes in unwanted, abandoned, injured or lost exotic birds, providing medical care and safe foster housing for these birds until being adopted by their new forever homes. I support EBR as a donor and volunteer because they not only care for and find homes for exotic birds in foster care, they also take action to shelter birds during emergencies like the recent fires.” — Ashley Gora, EBR supporter

Greenhill Humane Society  

88530 Green Hill Rd. Eugene, OR 97402  

541-689-1503 • 

“COVID-19 has proven to me that animals are so important, and no matter what is happening in the world, they calm us. Greenhill Humane Society cares for all animals, giving them shelter, showing them love and letting them know that they are safe, until they can be adopted or reunited.” — Steven Hunnicutt, Greenhill supporter  

Luvable Dog Rescue

PO Box 50367, Eugene, OR 97405

541-520-9145 •

 “Luvable does more than take in dogs and find homes for them, it also raises money for local spay and neuter clinics. I have had the privilege of volunteering at Luvable for the past six years and have seen hundreds of dogs come through and find new homes.” — Brad Shaddy, Luvable volunteer 

Northwest Dog Project

PO Box 51266, Eugene OR 97405

“I’ve been blown away by everything this grassroots organization does despite its small staff and reliance on $1, $5 and $10 donations. NW Dog Project focuses on the dog’s entire wellbeing — addressing sometimes serious health issues, providing them with the highest quality nutrition and medical care, teaching them new skills that will help them thrive moving forward, and meticulously screening for the absolute perfect match for a forever family.” — Erin Beck, volunteer 

Oregon Horse Rescue

4325 Commerce St Ste. 111-463, Eugene OR 97402

541-520-0371 •

“I support OHR because they selflessly give and give, always putting the horses first that they take in and then ready for adoption. I adopted a horse from them 3 years ago and they continually made sure the transition to my place was safe and good for Jack Daniels. We donate monthly because horses need our help and always will.” — Deborah Sweet

Patient Pet Advocates / Hospice Pet Advocates

PO Box 23 Springfield, OR  97477

541-632-3217 •

“As a nurse that works in the community, I support PPA because I have seen how much relief their services have brought to patients struggling with pet concerns while trying to deal with their own health crisis. People with grave conditions and their families often cannot attend to the needs of an animal too or need somewhere safe for their pet to go while they get a procedure or are hospitalized. — Deb Sanders, volunteer

Predator Defense

PO Box 5446 Eugene, OR 97405

541-937-4261 •

“My heartfelt gratitude to local hero, Predator Defense, a fearless and unyielding champion for our essential wolves, cougars and other native predators. By defending predators’ right to exist with science, sanity and heart.” — Donna Harris, DVM

News and Conversations

City Club of Eugene

PO Box 12084 Eugene, OR 97440 

541-485-7433 •

“From the Holiday Farm Fire to income inequality and beyond, City Club of Eugene tackles issues that matter to Eugene residents. The club has moved online during COVID and offers its weekly programs through Facebook, YouTube, podcast episodes and KLCC. When you give, you help to fulfill our mission of building community vision through open inquiry.” — Marilyn Milne, volunteer

Eugene Weekly (not tax-deductible)

1251 Lincoln St. Eugene, OR 97401

541-484-0519 •

“Evergreen Nutrition started advertising in Eugene Weekly because we wanted to keep our dollars within the community that supports us. And the Weekly’s wide distribution area expands that community. We love it when our customers tell us, ‘I saw your ad in the Weekly.’” — The Williams Family, Evergreen Nutrition

KLCC Public Radio Foundation

136 W. 8th Ave. Eugene, OR 97401

541-463-6005 • 89.7 FM

“I have been listening to KLCC since my childhood growing up in Eugene and can’t imagine my life without this unbiased, fair, insightful and incredibly valuable local journalism. This matters now more than ever. Thank you so much KLCC!” — KLCC Member Zane Kelley

Arts and Letters

Cottage Theatre

700 Village Dr. Cottage Grove, OR 97424

541-942-8001 •

“Even during this COVID time, Cottage Theatre is looking to the future and working to complete a major remodeling effort that will transform the audience experience and add 50 new seats. Your donation will help to unlock $300,000 in grant funding to complete this long-anticipated project.” — Mark Allen, volunteer

Eugene Symphony Association 

115 W. 8th Avenue, Ste. 115, Eugene, OR 97401

541-687-9487 •

“I love our Eugene Symphony not only for the amazing and passionate performances, but also because it strengthens our sense of community and gives our city a distinctive identity that is part of our local spirit.” — Deb Carver, season subscriber, donor and president-elect of Eugene Symphony Association board of directors

The Kareng Fund

c/o Saturday Market, 30 E. Broadway, Ste. 124 Eugene, OR 97401

541-556-4429 •

“Whether you have broken your foot, as I did, or a fire burns down your studio, the many contributors to the Kareng Fund show that they care about you with their small and large donations. In 2020, nearly all artisans were suffering a crisis of employment, and the fund was able to help many of them take the first steps back to work.” — Diane McWhorter, former recipient and current board secretary

Lane Arts Council

1590 Willamette, Ste. 200 Eugene, OR 97401

541-485-2278 •

“Especially in these times of remote learning, we need the arts to bring people and ideas together and a great way to do that is by donating to Lane Arts Council and ArtSpark.” — Michael Syman-Degler

Oregon Contemporary Theatre

194 W. Broadway Eugene, OR 97401

541-684-6988 •

“OCT inspires, enlightens and challenges our community in ways few other art spaces in our community offer. We have laughed, cried, cringed and gasped in the seats of OCT’s theater — and can’t wait to do so again when it is safe to gather on.” — Eric Braman

The John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts

868 High St. Eugene, OR 97401

541-434-7000 •

 “The Shedd Institute offers so much to the local community, including a wide variety of special events from Wynton Marsalis to Steve Martin, Hugh Laurie to Keb’ Mo’.  Local talent like Siri Vik, Shirley Andress and Chico Schwall headline their own shows and Shedd produced musicals fill in the schedule. Besides all that, The Shedd’s music school serves hundreds of students.” — Christina McElhany

Shelton-McMurphey-Johnson Historic House Museum

303 Willamette Eugene, OR 97401

541-484-0808 •

“The SMJ House is Eugene’s only Historic House Museum and is normally open to the public for tours focused on educating the public and school groups about the history of Eugene as well as available for events, meetings and celebrations. ” — Hannah Neimand, volunteer for 20 years

Springfield Public Library Foundation

PO Box 1763 Springfield, OR 97477

541-726-3766 •

“The foundation supports the needs of adults and children in our community by raising funds for library programs, books, services and technology. Our library brings people together in an inclusive, safe environment while providing access to information, resources and entertainment to get us through these challenging times.” — Christina San Filippo, foundation member

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