LTD Needs More Rural Stops

Rural areas in Lane County need alternatives to single car travel. We ought to arrange for the planned flag-stops on the new Link Lane bus. This bus goes from Eugene to Florence. The only two stops it has are in Veneta and Mapleton. That’s a long way without stopping. What a waste of resources. And of course the LTD buses could go farther.

All you folks who live in rural areas, we should organize buses with convenient stops to accommodate our daily lives. 

By now we know how to stay six feet apart and keep our masks on. We shouldn’t wait. Every iota of our planet we use up, we can’t put back. It’s important to get all the cars off the road as soon as we can. So we’re going to need more buses.

There’s no reason for waiting for these changes to occur.

Everlynn Gladiola


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