Climate Change: The Real Threat

With an abundance of caution, the state has shut down whole industries and mandated certain public behaviors in order to save human lives this past year, correct? Why does the emergency of climate change, deforestation, extinction of wildlife and poisoning of our children’s watersheds not warrant extraordinary actions from our government? Clearcutting of forests should be banned. Spraying poisons to help plant trees and crops should be banned. Burning fossil fuels should be banned and alternate energy sources should be provided. Wild animal life and their habitats should legally have the same protection that people do, or will.

The government has shown that it can make tough decisions and take measures that follow scientific advice even when that causes economic pain and public unrest. My hope is that the power of the state will be used to heal our environment and extend rights to other than humans even over the objections of corporations, greedheads and the ignorant. 

Anthony Willey

Cottage Grove

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