Illustration by Sarah Decker

Eugene Fairyland

You Will Need

Upcycle a pair of dice (6 sided) from another board game

Game pieces (upcycle from another board game, use coins, etc.)

Print out the game board PDF below or pick up a copy of this Week’s Eugene Weekly.

How To Play

Each player rolls in turn and moves that many spaces on the board. Then they follow instructions for that square.

If You Roll Doubles

Double Ones You just spent an entire day trying to find Eugene City Hall before realizing it’s all an illusion. Go back three spaces.

Double Twos You want to hear the world’s funniest joke, so you buy the complete set of Frog’s joke books. Move ahead four spaces.

Double Threes You get the cops called on you for wandering around downtown with your pitbull. Move back two spaces.

Double Fours You hike to the top of Mount Pisgah on the Solstice and see the sunset through the slots. Move ahead three spaces.

Double Fives You appear on Rick Dancer’s Facebook show, lose a turn while you admire his hair as he spreads misinformation about COVID-19. 

Double Sixes You took a selfie in front of Springfield’s Simpsons mural. Don’t have a cow, man, and roll again

How To Win

Be the first player to land on WIN! without overshooting. You must land exactly on the space.  If you overshoot, you go back to the START, but you get to take an extra turn.

Click to Open Full Size PDF Eugene Fairyland Game Board

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