Individuals Can Help The Homeless, Too

I must admit the state of homelessness in Eugene is indeed very sad. Every time I see a homeless person walking around with all their worldly belongings I feel so horrible for them. I’m also so grateful that it is not me. I truly cannot imagine what life would be like being in that situation. A daily nightmare.

With the recent clear-out under the Washington Jefferson bridge, I can’t help but wonder how difficult this decision must have been for our city leaders. I realize the action seems quite harsh but, sadly, I feel it is necessary. The level of filth that must have been accumulating, coupled with the proximity of its occupants, was ripe for a super spreader situation in this time of global pandemic. The level of tolerance and empathy Eugene’s citizens have is refreshing.

I say to these people, reach out and invite one of those so many that need help to come to your house. Perhaps they can set up a camp in your backyard. You can provide them sanitation stations and food. I am sure it would be greatly appreciated. So, who is ready for that? Anybody?

John Carlson