The Whole World Is Smirking

If it had been Black Lives Matter or ’60’s-style flower children a thousand yards away from the Capitol on Wednesday, Jan. 6, hundreds of police and Homeland Security thugs would have been in place hours before the event, and the peaceful protesters sitting in the grass would have been almost instantly descended upon and gassed, rubber-bulleted and beaten with night sticks.

However, if a deranged mob of neo-nazis and right-wing loonies, egged on and encouraged by the president, who has been telling everyone for two months that was going to happen and when it was going to happen and where it was going to happen, breaks into the Capitol to riot and destroy, there is virtually no law-enforcement presence, even five hours later.

If it had been BLM or hippies, they would have been called terrorists and rioters and would have been arrested by the dozens or hundreds. Now, these actual rioters and terrorists are being dignified as “protestors” and walking back to their cars.

So, thanks, Donald, Mitch, 16 GOP senators and 146 GOP house seditionists. You have made us such a laughing stock that the dictator of Turkey is making statements tsk-tsking the U.S. You must be so proud.

Jamie Selko


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