No-Maskers, Unmasked

Today [Jan. 16] there were the “no-maskers,” an aggressive group of less than 20 young men and women shouting at people walking by Market of Choice. I was active in the protests of the ’60s in the Bay Area, and the wrong person to shout out a derogatory statement to. I was asked how long I would wear a diaper on my face. I said as long as I feel I might be protecting you from a deadly illness.

As I walked away this protester shouted out at me about my weight. Now what does that have to do with wearing or not wearing a mask? Nothing. It is a reflection of the self centeredness of these few individuals displaying a pathological need to be right by attempting to intimidate me. I am disabled with an illness that has caused me to gain a few extra pounds. I am also a senior citizen.

These protesters failed today, by cruelly bullying a disabled senior citizen and revealing a nature not about bringing positive change but about needing to be seen. Because I kindly disagreed with them, they attempted to pull me into their narcissistic fury. I hope these young men and women will learn decency and discover the joy of focusing their need to bring about change, by championing worthy causes that help those who are in need.

I could have really used someone to bring in my groceries today. None of them thought to offer. Why would they? They had already judged me as inferior. 

Amie Williamson