Think Of The Children

COVID-19 has taken a lot from our children this past year: no in person schooling, no socializing with friends and no sports. The elimination of physical education and organized sports may be having a larger effect on our children than we may think.

The CDC recommends 60 minutes a day of physical activity in children 6-17. Most children would have reached these goals in school due to classes like PE and recess, and others most likely would be a part of an after-school sports program. Without opportunities like these, children are not likely to reach these goals on their own. A lack of physical activity in children can result in obesity, stress, restlessness and other adverse mental and physical ailments.

Lane County should be doing its part in helping our children be healthier and happier. Sports like softball, baseball and track don’t require close contact to be played and can be modified easily to adhere to Lane County’s restrictions. Schools could offer PE classes over Zoom and have students do yoga and other activities that don’t require a large space.

As a community we must think of ways to keep children healthy in all ways.

Madeline Barrett


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