When Is A Mob Not A Mob?

What’s the difference between a mob injuring officers and breaking into and trying to burn down federal buildings in a city and a mob breaking into the Capitol in Washington?

If a governor refuses to intervene by sending in the National Guard to prevent damage to public property, isn’t that governor as complicit as President Donald Trump is accused of being in Washington? Aren’t both actions “assaults on democracy” and the infrastructure of democracy?

The difference with some folks is that Gov. Kate Brown is a liberal Democrat, and her ardent devotees include rioters, vandals, looters and arsonist brownshirts — who are now trying to ban books — can apparently get away with anything.

Same situation in Seattle and all the other major cities where unfettered, unrestrained mobs caused havoc and terrorized and financially ruined peaceful, productive people. What difference does it make what the protester’s point of view is in a supposed nation of laws? It’s the pot calling the kettle black.

Greg Williams