Capitol Punishment

Is this any way to run a railroad?

Investigate this U.S. Capitol attack at all levels and actually punish those involved.

The GOP devolved into complicity, insurrection and treason, guided by lunatic fringe right wing media pundits.

Despite missing moral backbones, GOP senators and congress people manage to stand up for a shameless leader and his responsibility for murder in our Capitol on Jan. 6.

Fox News relentlessly provides 24 hour distraction, impossible without big corporate sponsorship feeding on our money.

(Communist) China seems to have their pandemic under control; they also manage to build electric bullet trains that put (capitalist) American mass transit to shame.

 (Socialist) Canadians’ universal health care actually protects their citizens, while COVID (on Trump’s watch) kills 4,000 American citizens every day.

Single payer health care would go a long way in showing Americans a government that actually cares about their lives instead of insurance company profits and Wall Street carpet bagging.

Tech giants could stop anonymous hateful postings tomorrow if they actually just lifted a single finger and said “enough rubbish and racism in our living space.”

 Want to say or post “something” in a public forum? Then own your First Amendment rights by using your real name. Want justice? Start with fairness. Superman said it best: “Truth, justice and the American way.”

Glenn Jones