Dancing With The Devil

Media manufacturing consent for corrupt Democrats

The media’s fawning lapdog coverage of the lifetime liar, who used to be known as the senator from MBNA, is what’s called manufacturing consent.

The idea that a career corrupt politician who was a cheerleader for the disastrous Iraq War, an author of the crime bill which fueled mass incarceration, a supporter of terrible trade agreements, which devastated the middle class, a supporter of Wall Street deregulation which crashed the economy and made the rich, richer, and who also supported cutting social security is “saving America,” as the recent cover of the Eugene Weekly (“Biden My Time,” 1/24) inferred, is patently absurd. It’s dishonest corporate tools like Joe Biden who shaped neoliberal policies for decades that helped to create the circumstances which made President Donald Trump possible.  

Trump doesn’t get elected in a healthy Democracy. The two major parties are deeply corrupt. They’re owned and operated by their corporate masters, and our own Congressman Peter DeFazio covers up the corruption by never exposing it and ignoring it. Democratic corporatism will only lead to more corruption and more Trumps. As long as the media keeps manufacturing consent giving people the idea that the Democratic Party is their friend, millions of citizens will continue to vote for corruption. 

Joshua Welch


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