Dismantling Fake Democracy. Creating Real Democracy

Camila Vergara, Chilean legal theorist, journalist, and author of Systemic Corruption: Constitutional Ideas for an Anti-Oligarchic Republic, will be speaking on Dismantling Fake Democracy. Creating Real Democracy, an event hosted by the Oregon Community Rights Network. The event is designed to explore such questions as “What is democracy? Do we want it?” And “Is the U.S. a democracy?” “I argue that basically, the governments that we call democracies today are from the beginning very elitist, authorized by the people. But the people are far from the government,” Vergara says. “I wanted to study what was the best, most democratic way to change the constitution,” she says of governments worldwide. “Therefore, I started educating myself on the constituent processes that actually happened in history. What were the limitations and possibilities?” Vergara argues that as a society, we select others better than us to write the game rules. “This has been everywhere in the world. And there’s no reason for this today,” she says.

Oregon Community Rights Network hosts Dismantling Fake Democracy. Creating Real Democracy 5:30 pm Feb. 3. To view the event RSVP at info@orcrn.org.