Leftist Rioters Have Been Arrested, Too

In his zealous one-man crusade to rid the world of hypocrisy in our time, Greg Williams (Letters, 1/21) poses a series of questions and offers hyperpartisanship as his sole response. In complaining that Gov. Kate Brown opted for local control over sending in the National Guard to quell unrest in Portland, he tries to lead the reader to the conclusion that she took no action whatsoever.

His attempt to draw parallels between the protests in Portland and the attempted insurrection in our nation’s capital indicates a failure to grasp the subtleties between a leader who immediately decries the actions of a mob and one who invites the mob to town because it’s going to be “wild!”

It is in no way “apparent” (at least not to anyone in possession of enough impulse control to tear themselves for one moment away from the alt-right echo chamber that has robbed so many of our fellow citizen of the gift of reason) that the rioters at the George Floyd events that occurred across our country “got away with anything.” In fact, thousands were arrested.

So when Williams insinuates on the one hand that “Gov. Kate Brown is a liberal Democrat” whose “ardent devotees include rioters,” and then on the other hand dares ask, “What difference does it make what the protestors point of view is…?” I can only surmise that, in the game of flushing out hypocrites, it must take one to know one.

Leo Muzzy