Progressives: Still Sidin’ With Biden?

Excellent letter by Joshua Welch (“Dancing With the Devil,” EW, 1/28)! One additional crusade orchestrated by Sen. Joe Biden needs to be mentioned.

Let’s not forget that the USAPATRIOT Act was based on the Omnibus Counterterrorism Act of 1995, introduced and sponsored in the Senate by Biden. As president, this right-wing Democrat will be combatting “domestic terrorism” as one of his top priorities.

Enhanced federal legislation aimed at “we the people” is once again on the way. More than a dozen state legislatures have already introduced anti-protest bills to criminalize participation in “disruptive” protests.

Meaningful protests are by definition “disruptive.” If we’re unable to create a clear and present danger to the leaders of our corrupt system, what’s the purpose? Read the Declaration of Independence for guidance.

Robert Simms