A Meditation On St. Ruth

Ruth Bascom was Eugene’s first woman mayor, from 1993 to 1996, and she left a legacy that is unparalleled in our community by being a champion of the Riverbank Path System.

Bascom was an avid bike advocate, and she used that passion to create the bike trail that is the true gemstone of Eugene  into Springfield. We are blessed as a community to have the beautiful Willamette River flow through it with an amazing park system that takes advantage of our riverfront property.

As a spiritual adventurer and lifelong jogger, I know that the cornerstone of my life is the basic grounding influence of meditation; the reason I love Bascom so much is because when I hit the trail on the Riverbank Path System I immediately go into what I call “active meditation.” I let go of all my day-to-day problems and trials and allow the trail to immerse me in nature, where all questions are answered.

This is an amazing asset for all who live in our community, and there is easy access to all parts of the trail from beyond the Owosso Bridge to the boat landing in Springfield and beyond. Get on the trail and enjoy your own “active meditation.”

Ruth Bascom for sainthood.

Richard Blackstone


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