Seniors Need To Be Vaccinated Now

It is very important for seniors to get the vaccine as soon as possible. The death statistics for seniors are extremely high and have been high throughout the year. Many of us started staying in place and wearing masks when we first heard of this illness a year ago in December 2019.

We realized how serious it is. There is a very healthy fear of this virus which past history proves. The common good is always foremost in our minds.

Many seniors do not let their friends into their home or go to family gatherings, for protection and common sense. Many seniors do not have a computer or smartphone, so they actually missed seeing their friends and family for the last year. The school children are able to go on Zoom or Skype on almost a daily basis.

Death itself isn’t scary; it is how a person dies. Being hooked up to a lot of machines, a tube shoved down the throat, needles in the arms, is not a welcome dying scene. Most DNR’s are ignored by the EMTs or ERs. Seniors worked for many years paying taxes and into the Social Security and Medicare programs — which they could collect until retirement age. Seniors deserve the respect and consideration to get their vaccines now, with no more delays.

Sara Mach


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