Managing To Get Through Life Without Firearms

As someone who, like our founders, affords “a decent respect to the opinions of mankind,” I allow that some measure of gratitude is in order for EW’s publishing of yet another of Greg Williams’ lessons in American history (“Constitutional Arms,” Letters 2/26), even though these days any interested party with the level of education this country afforded such noted scholars as Jethro Bodine could find the same information with the click of a mouse.

After digging through his meandering Socratic approach to discourse, I think I’ve stumbled upon his point. I don’t know why cars go 100 mph, either, but I do know that you can sue a manufacturer for faulty products and false or misleading advertising.

And I don’t know how many NRA members have committed homicides, but I do know that charitable corporations can be sued for mismanagement of funds.

I also harbor little doubt that I could have, or would have tried, to get through life circa 1776 without my trusty musket at my side. And yet, in 66 years of living as a modern man in America, I have never owned a firearm. 

But then, I don’t own a car, either. So sue me.

Leo Muzzy


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