Oregon Can Lead On Climate

What comes to mind when you think of a lobbyist? Are you also picturing an old man, wearing a suit, being paid to talk about an issue? Well, that is what comes to my mind, but with the newest generation of activists from OSPIRG at the University of Oregon, the stereotype is changing.

Over the week of Feb. 8 through 12, I had the opportunity to lobby our local elected officials on issues that students and all Oregonians care about, one being climate change and the importance of committing Oregon to 100 percent clean electricity. Due to an unprecedented wildfire season this past summer, 4,000 Oregonians lost their homes, and we are now experiencing the after effects. One is the dangerous situation of the salmon native to the McKenzie River, which is recently discussed in an article by Taylor Griggs called “Salmon in the Smoke” (EW, 2/4).

As Oregonians are experiencing the lasting effects of climate change, we need a solution that requires a statewide commitment to 100 percent clean electricity. The time to act is now, and Oregon has the opportunity to be a leader in tackling climate change.

Emma Ruby


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