Texas Shows The Way Not To Go

The recent extreme weather events in Texas have exposed the underbelly of its deregulated energy infrastructure. Natural gas wellheads and pipes have frozen due to lack of insulation to save costs. People are freezing.

What is the connection between this dire situation in Texas and the Eugene/NW Natural franchise agreement negotiations? The 30,000-foot fact that fossil fuels are an antiquated source of energy and should be phased out immediately.

I applaud Eugene City Mayor Lucy Vinis and Councilors Claire Syrett, Jennifer Yeh, Greg Evans, Emily Semple and Matt Keating for standing strong in demanding NW Natural reduce carbon dioxide emissions in order to have the privilege of access to the city right of way.

Final thought: The extreme weather events in Texas and nationwide are associated with climate disruption linked to the burning of fossil fuels such as natural gas.

Laurie Ehlhardt Powell