It’s Time To Cancel The Jordan Cove Project

Late last month, Pembina Pipeline Corp. announced that they could “sadly” no longer predict if the Jordan Cove LNG export terminal and fracked gas pipeline would ever be built. Our coalition, made up of tribes, impacted land owners, commercial fishermen, community organizers and climate activists, has fought tirelessly against this project for well over a decade and was anything but sad to hear the news.

However, until this project is canceled for good, landowners along the path of the pipeline live under the constant threat of having their land condemned by the use of eminent domain for a project that they know will never be built. It is time for Pembina to free our state from the threat of this pipeline, which has been hanging over Oregon since it was first proposed in 2004. It is time for the corporation to throw in the towel and admit that they’ve been beaten, so we can get on with building the future that we know we so desperately need.

Dylan Plummer