Use What You Have For The Homeless

The city of Eugene did not have a strategic plan this winter to accommodate the abundance of the unhoused population, supposedly due to COVID-19. The city just continues to shuffle this vulnerable population of folks who are in great need of mental health therapy, job opportunities, substance abuse counseling and learning to trust society once again.

Why couldn’t the Edison Elementary School be refurbished and restructured to host the homeless population rather than tearing it down? Could it be that Edison Elementary School is located in the south hills? So many empty schools and empty buildings that could be used to create livable spaces with opportunities of growth and independence for the unhoused.

Why not utilize these spaces to make folks feel useful rather than misplace them? Every person has a skill set and could contribute to the greater good for all. It’s time for the city of Eugene to create viable living spaces with meaning and hope for our unhoused.

Debora Connolly

Cottage Grove