What Downtown Needs Is A Park

Thank you, Marc Time (“Unpave the Lot and Bring Back Paradise,” Letters 3/11). I agree to turn the old city hall pit into a park. Going further, I would call it Kesey Park.

Kesey Square is nice, but a park can only improve the urban landscape of downtown. When I moved here from Michigan with my 4-year-old son, the downtown area was pedestrian only, a pleasant way to spend a sunny afternoon.

Now going through downtown to visit friends, sure, you see people out and about, but no one lingers too long. A park would energize people, pets and families to have a feeling of more community-based entertainment. And a nice place to picnic on a sunny day.

That’s my two cents. What do others think about this idea? Maybe the Weekly could conduct a survey to see how others feel about these ideas.

Marilee King


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