It’s Time To Protect Clean Air In Eugene

I bought a home in west Eugene a little over two years ago. I was shocked to discover a constant toxic odor in the air. I learned that this was due to J.H. Baxter, a wood treatment facility south of Roosevelt Boulevard. It took some digging to discover LRAPA [Lane Regional Air Protection Agency], the DEQ [Department of Environmental Quality] and the long history J.H. Baxter has of polluting the west Eugene neighborhood, getting off with a series of slaps on the wrist.

That’s why it’s no surprise that the recent DEQ fine of $223,440 for the 1.7 million gallons of evaporated waste and additional runoff into the waterways was immediately appealed. With momentum building, we must pressure LRAPA, the DEQ and the city of Eugene to enact permanent change.

Jeremy AAsum


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