Revitalize, Don’t Destroy

I have been reading about planned development of Glenwood, including the possibility of a 19-story convention center, and I am mystified.

I live in Glenwood and regularly do business in Springfield and have noticed that the entire city is rather blighted. So why is the city planning to develop a lovely section of riverfront property that should
be turned into a park and continuing bike trail rather than doing the important upgrades and infrastructure work needed to revitalize Springfield? 

Mohawk Mall, downtown and much of Main Street are plagued with unoccupied buildings and failing structures that could be revitalized rather than destroying a beautiful section of riverfront. I realize there is money that must be used because of the Glenwood redevelopment tax but that should be used for parks and much needed waterfront development rather than a potential eyesore that is unrentable and unacceptable.

Kris Maenz


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