Rose Wilde For Lane ESD Board

Remember leading up to the election last fall when we started hearing the disturbing “stop the steal” messages? Many of us, already deeply troubled by four years of political chaos, believed we needed to organize with fellow citizens in case the worst happened. Over two dozen grassroots and faith groups met weekly on Zoom to express concern and the need to publicly assert our commitment to a peaceful transition.

What emerged was a creative effort to plan a “People’s Inauguration” celebration at the historic Mims House, with socially distanced music, food and dance, where people came together in an afternoon of solidarity, hope and courage. What also emerged were the superb leadership skills of Rose Wilde.

Working with Wilde throughout the rocky election period, I was impressed by her remarkable ability to deftly facilitate our ad hoc organizing and came to know her as a model of active citizenship, whip-smart, positive and energetic. She also has deep experience in local schools, public health and social services, and a proven record of advocating for the improvement of the lives of children and families, both as a volunteer and in her professional life.

Wilde is the right person to serve on the board of Lane Education Service District in at large Position 6 and is the kind of leader we need right now.

Patty Hine


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