Di Liberto For A Change At 4J

The upcoming 4J School Board election is about change. For more than 20 years, the overall model in 4J has been about continued centralization and uniformity: More uniformity of curriculum and instruction across the district; an overriding emphasis on district-mandated standardized testing and data gathering; a decrease in allowance for innovative instruction; and a decrease in site-based decision-making by neighborhood schools.

Tom Di Liberto is a candidate who understands that systems work best when the people who work in them are empowered to fully contribute their ideas and passions. With more than 30 years of teaching experience in 4J, he understands the real-world impact of district policies on life in the classroom. He understands how complicated the job is. He understands that the joy of learning is priceless and can be lost through policies that don’t recognize its importance.

The status quo model is not working. But students and teachers were not asked. So, ask yourself: Is all of the testing making things better? Are teachers more content and creative in their jobs? Are students happier with a curriculum continually narrowed by teaching to the test? Is the one-size-fits-all approach best for anybody in a classroom?

If you think this system is working, then vote for the incumbent. If you think we need new, creative and well-reasoned change, please vote for Di Liberto.

Roscoe Caron