Thanks To Our Public Employees

Sunday, May 2, marked the beginning of Public Service Recognition Week.

This year I am recognizing and appreciating the employees of the Eugene Public Library who worked hard to figure out a way to partially reopen the library and get books back into circulation. I am recognizing and appreciating the OSHA employees who were met with armed resistance at a Springfield restaurant this past winter when they were just trying to do their jobs in response to several complaints about the restaurant. I am grateful to the Lane County Public Health employees who designed such efficient drive-through vaccination clinics in our community. 

I appreciate our governor, Kate Brown, as she tries to guide us through these crazy COVID times. I appreciate our elected representatives Rep. Peter DeFazio, Sen. Ron Wyden and Sen. Jeff Merkley for their town hall meetings via Zoom to keep us all informed. I particularly appreciate the elections officials in Georgia who stood firm in the face of pressure to falsify their state’s results in the November 2020 election.

Please join me in appreciating our public employees.

Margaret Hadaway