Endorsements at a Glance

EW’s recommendations for the May 18 election

Lane Community College

Zone 1

✔️Holli Johnson 

Mark Boren 

Thomas Jennings

Zone 5, 2 Year Unexpired Term 

✔️Steve Mital

Al King

Eugene School District #4J

Position 2

✔️Laural O’Rourke

Harry Sanger 

Position 3

Tom Di Liberto

✔️Judy Newman

Bryan Costa

Position 6 

✔️Maya Rabasa

Dakota James Boulette (dropped out to support Rabasa)

Lane Education Service District

Position 6 At-Large

✔️Rose Wilde 

Rich Cunningham 

Junction City School District #69

Position 1, 2 Year Unexpired Term

✔️Alaire Fajardo 

Kari Bennett

Ryan Ceniga 

Position 6

✔️Jacque Gerdes

Jesse C. Springer 

Position 3

Steven Hadley

Brandy Crosby

✔️Jonathan Light 

✔️Anthony Reed 

Samantha Alcantar

Position 5

✔️Kelly Mason

Ruth Linoz 

Lisa Barrager (dropped out) 


#20-319 – Lane County Yes

Supporting 4-H and OSU Extension Programs in Lane County

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