Slow Down, Drivers

An open letter to all drivers who speed on Washington Street from 18th Avenue to 13th Avenue.

This is a residential area, and as such the speed limit is 25 mph, soon to be reduced to 20 mph when the city has money for new signage. The same rules apply from 13th Avenue to 18th Avenue along Washington Street because drivers choose to exceed safe and legal speed limits. I hesitate to ask the city to provide traffic control bumps for 20 mph every 300 feet for the entire five blocks.

I have filed a complaint with city officials without visible results. Next stop is the police department.

I appeal to all drivers to obey the speed limit and please consider that there are small children and pets in this quiet neighborhood. 

I sincerely hope that my input will be recognized, but in all probability, drivers will continue their behavior,

Please, everyone consider others and please slow down.

Marlin Stone


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