No News Is Not Good News

Most of our fine community is aware of the double-murders at the Falcon Wood Village retirement community on May 7. This need for the community to be made aware that a killer was then at large was sadly neglected by what was once an admirable daily newspaper, the locally owned The Register-Guard.

Other media watchdogs jumped on the story and did their best to do professional journalism even when the park management told them they were trespassing and had to leave. What is the park hiding? Not the first time the media was chased out. And some outlets are still waiting to report on the missing details being withheld by Eugene police.

The RG, being a corporate digitized news outlet, no longer even has local reporters to stay on top of things. It seemingly gets its news off of the Associated Press and other internet sources. Its loyalty apparently is not to the community but corporate profits.  

Eugene Weekly and television stations KEZI, KVAL, KLSR and KMTR are now the only media outlets that stay on top of local needs, concerns and human-interest stories that are relevant to the citizens of Lane County.  

Kudos to these news resources in their endeavors to assist citizens in making educated decisions based upon the facts they report. As for the RG, my opinion is it will drift into further mediocrity then obscurity then be closed for business.  

James Houston

Falcon Wood Village resident 


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