Solve Homelessness By Helping People

Homelessness is dear to my heart. I have been homeless a number of times.

I have faced the fact that the government is not going to help solve the problem. It is going to be up to the churches and the community. I know it sounds a little strange. What if a church group or individual “adopted” a homeless person and walked them through the process of being ready for housing? Say, for instance, someone needs to get a copy of their birth certificate so they can get a driver license. How much would that cost? A church could take up a collection.

There are other obstacles that the community could brainstorm. We are good problem solvers. Make sure we are trying to solve the right problem. Do it again with someone else. In no time you would have a solution that would help any number of people. How much does it cost to help someone get a driver license? How many homeless people need one? Often they are needed to get a job.

Beth Kiester


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