The U.S. Can Lead Again

As a Borgen Project ambassador, I have recently become more aware of international issues regarding relations, politics and underdevelopment. Although these issues can be fairly difficult to understand, it’s important for U.S. citizens to become educated on international issues and topics.

The main reason for this is because U.S. politicians have began to address the issues of terrorism, hunger, conflict and decunstruction; however, many politicans are focusing more on domestic issues rather than international issues, solely because a large majority of the population is unaware of the real conflicts that are going on in other countries, that are not covered in the media. 

As a powerful first-world country, we have the power and the funding to fight against disputes in other countries. What we need to do now to address the issues with our congresspeople. This is a call to action. By calling and emailing your local congresspeople about international policies, the U.S. can help solve disputes and issues around the globe.

Sydney Werner


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