Teachers Need Freedom

Over the last few months, White nationalists and other conservatives have been pressuring school boards and teachers to stay away from subjects like “critical race theory” that criticize the America they think they live in, i.e., an America without systemic racism, a climate emergency, dangerous pollution, culturally diverse beliefs and laissez faire capitalism (lazy unfair capitalism). Somehow, these parents and advocates think that teachers are indoctrinators, like preachers, autocrats or themselves.

Teaching is an art. A good teacher asks questions and presents material that elicit critical and creative thinking and inspire further inquiry — the opposite of indoctrination. Teachers need the freedom to explore new ideas with their students (in conjunction with the agreed-upon curriculum) without this obsessive, stifling, mistrusting scrutiny. Anyway, the parents have many hours to influence their prized little robots at home. Maybe we should be scrutinizing all the bullshit they’re spreading at the dinner table.

Jack Cooper