Photo by Flip Side // Pexels

The Heart of Willamette Cooking School

There are the old stories of rural communities where everyone trusts each other and no one bothers to lock their car doors — except during zucchini season because that prolific vegetable is sprouting everywhere and unloading the excess on an unsuspecting “friend” is an easy way to ease the surplus. What can you do? The Heart of Willamette Cooking School is here to help you be creative with the zucchini and more with online classes starting this week. In the first class, you can learn to make zucchini garlic scape fritters and zucchini chocolate chip brownies. Later classes this summer include a beginners class on strawberry rhubarb pie and Tunisian cooking as well as a class on basic knife skills. On June 22 there will be a class affiliated with Lane County Farmers Market — “Eat With the Seasons” — that is sponsored by Equiano Coffee of Eugene. So keep your fruits and vegetables and be creative with HOW Cooking School.   

Public cooking classes with Heart of Willamette Cooking School start June 10 and run through July 11. Information and registration can be found at Zucchini can soon be found anywhere. All classes are $35, sliding scale. 

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