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Archaeology Channel International Film Festival

It’s the mystery that has puzzled many: What happened to Amelia Earhart, the famed pilot who disappeared in 1937? Jaime Bach, anthropologist and archaeologist, offers her views as the keynote speaker of the juried Archaeology Channel (TAC) International Film Festival. Everything is in-person this year. No more computer screens, notes Rick Pettigrew, president of the Eugene-based Archeology Legacy Institute, which oversees the festival. “We very much look forward to seeing real people enjoying our offerings at real places,” he says. The festival accepted more than 100 entries for its 18th season and whittled the number of films to 30 for the competition. They are smart, thoughtful films that span the world, and a good way to kick off the summer with the fewer pandemic restrictions we have.

The Archaeology Channel International Film Festival is June 23 through June 27 at various locations in Eugene. The opening festival banquet is at Gordon Tavern inside the new Gordon Hotel, the three-day TAC Conference on Cultural Heritage Media is at Civic Winery ($130 for all three days, $50 for a day pass, $50 for a pass to the Amelia Earhart symposium or $10 to a specific presentation) and the Saturday social gathering and Sunday awards reception is at WOW Hall. Film screenings are at the Recital Hall at The Shedd, and they are free, but donations are requested. Film screening schedule is at