Let There Be More Light

In this pointless cycle of “wokeness,” it has become fashionable to throw shade on others, both in the present and from the past, who do not measure up to one’s current standards. Countless good people everywhere are just trying to do right by others based on their own sincere, if sometimes flawed point of view. It takes a special person or group of people to keep the torch of light and love burning for an entire life. Wisdom is hard-earned and escapes most of us.

Criticism and dismissal come easy and are counterproductive. Endless purity tests will forever keep us from the goal of establishing a just, loving and compassionate society. We can serve the greater good by acting with selfless love in all we say and do. 

Malcolm X said, “We need more light about each other. Light creates understanding, understanding creates love, love creates patience and patience creates unity.”

Let us conserve and wisely utilize our energy by being kind in thought, word and deed, and serve others selflessly. Let’s give support to and work together with our neighbors and all global citizens in light and love. Can we meet that challenge?

Christopher and Deb Michaels


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