OK Millennials

“We got ours”? You’re trolling us old boomers, right? (Alex Li, “Boomers Sold Out,” Letters 6/10.) Only a delusional person would say something so baseless.

The young men in my high school were drafted — no choice — to go to Southeast Asia. 

Of all the U.S. conscriptees, 50,000 came back in body bags. Another 50,000 came back totally fucked in the head and addicted because of what they saw, experienced and learned about the real reason they were there. Even 50,000 more support troops who never left the states were affected emotionally by the war. Go ask their friends and families.

All the “perks” that you feel we boomers got as “participation” trophies are a pittance of what we deserved. Our government owed the survivors free education, healthcare and housing. What did they get? Ignored, denigrated, humiliated and ostracized. You think that’s hyperbole? Go ask the majority of homeless men over 60.

We boomers are the reason for kickass music, beautiful car designs, college opportunities for all, questioning the norms — like religion — and protesting, which has changed everything from segregation to the ousting of a crook from our White House.

Don’t sell us short, Mr. Li. Without our numbers and passions — and we’re not all white, BTW — you wouldn’t be able to voice your opinions, albeit insipid, as freely as you have.

Annie Kayner


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