My Humps, My Lovely Little Lumps

I don’t know if this even bears a response but I could not follow the logic of Don Richey’s (6/10) letter regarding “speed humps” on Jefferson Street. I imagine after years of a 25 mph speed limit on Jefferson being all but ignored, the residents who live on Jefferson asked the city to enforce the posted speed. Rather than providing a full time police monitor, the city doubtless proposed the installation of the existing speed humps. First responders are required to drive within the posted limits. 

What Richey fails to understand is the humps are designed to be taken at the posted speed or below, with minimum disruption or effect on the driver and vehicle. Therefore, no adjustment for speed need be taken if one is traveling the posted limit, saving fuel and minimizing pollution. However, if you do speed over them, they can be very disruptive.  One would surmise this may have been the impetus for Richey’s letter of protest.

It is unfortunate some drivers choose not to follow the posted speed limit; which is derived for safety to the residents within the residential area, not for the convenience of motorists passing through. Some will learn, only when it is too late, they are driving faster than their ability to stop, when an unexpected obstacle presents itself; whether a ball, or worse, a child. It happens, when you least expect it.

Speed humps are the next to last resort, not the first option. The last resort, which was implemented in west Eugene, would route traffic out of the neighborhood. I would rather see speed humps constructed than a family to lose a child to a speeding selfish motorist, who no doubt would consciously or unconsciously carry that mistake to his or her grave.

One definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior and expecting a different result.  Slow down, the life you save may be your own.

Marc LaPine 

Cottage Grove

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