Support Sex Workers

My name is Katherine.

In partnership with the Oregon Sex Workers Human Rights Commission ( and in preparation for a July 15 event, Decriminalization of Sex Work, I am writing to ask for the support of the readers and the support of our lawmakers.

I’m a Portland dominatrix.

And I love my job.

Unfortunately, because of criminalization, sex workers experience an increased risk of violence from clients, law enforcement, abusive partners and fanatics. We need to decriminalize.

I understand that issues around sex and sexuality, consent and nonconsent are very uncomfortable for some, but the Oregon Health Authority states that sexual health is “fundamental to the overall health and well-being of individuals, couples and families, and to the social and economic development of communities and countries.” 

Issues around sex are best addressed through education and freedom of expression. Not marginalization and silencing.

Organizations such as Sex Positive Portland, the National Coalition of Sexual Freedom and The Alternative Sexualities Health Research Alliance have a vast network of tools and resources — academic and practical — and have been working to this end for many years to educate and empower around issues of sexuality.

I ask for your support us in our efforts to decriminalize sex work, and I ask for the support of our lawmakers as well.

Katherine Dire


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