Getting Juneteenth Right

Let’s be clear. The commerce of Black and Brown people in the past and the commerce by their current day generational financial inequality birthed Juneteenth in America. Let’s not forget or be coddled by the entertainment dance and song that so many are so accustomed to enjoying at these events.

The Black lady from NYC who came to donate laptops to Black kids got little applause. There was no equanimity watching the sponsoring vendors take merchandise to be sold back home unsold with so many people at the event. Eugene Saturday Market extended its hours to 9 pm on Juneteenth, competing financially with the Black and Brown vendors at Alton Baker Park, many who either can’t get or don’t want a Saturday market permit otherwise. That’s no small thing.

White people support in many ways, no doubt; however, the Black guy with dredlocks selling $5 glass objects should have sold out Junteenth for the right reasons. Reparations.

Brother Eden