The Proud Boys Should Grow Up

Surprise, surprise! The Penis Boys (aka the “Proud” Boys) had their July Fourth parade in Creswell after all. No parade permit needed.

Surprise, surprise! The Lane County sheriff’s deputy said law enforcement forces were outnumbered, so they let the parade go forth (wink, wink). Did the boys pull out their AK-47s or AR-15s and threaten you, deputy? So from now on, you don’t need to follow the law or the rules in Creswell; you just have to show up in big numbers and you’re in charge! No charges filed. No foul. Carry on.

I recognize the Proud Boys. When I taught in a middle school, they were the eighth-grade bullies prowling in packs (never one boy, always boys) looking for the young and the weak (the other) to intimidate, to harass or to beat up. Hand signals, flags, T-shirts (and probably handshakes and secret passwords, too), all testosterone-drenched gang symbols of boys hiding their fears behind anger and hate. 

So, here’s my question, little Penis Boys: When are you willing to move your consciousness from your crotch to growing a heart with compassion and a brain powered by reason and thoughtfulness? Like a grown-up, like an adult, like a man?

Karen Myers