Don’t Build Unnecessary Reservoirs

EWEB needs to hold a public hearing before putting two reservoirs at 40th and Patterson (EW 6/3). This forest is a Eugene treasure, something to save, not destroy. Mature stands of trees can help mitigate the climate catastrophe.

Has a search of all possible public owned property at the proper elevation for a reservoir been made to see if any can be found that does not have a forest on it? Perhaps a trade could be made and this property could become a park. Or one reservoir could be put on this property and most of the oak savanna and fir forest could be saved.

I understand we do not need two reservoirs now, and with better conservation practices we may not need another reservoir in 10 years. EWEB could help every household to collect rainwater from their roofs into storage containers to be used in an emergency. Water could be conserved by not watering golf courses and lawns. Switching to compostable means drinkable water would not be used to flush toilets.

Sue Barnhart