The Reservoir Is Worth It

Regarding the controversy about EWEB’s plan for two new large water reservoirs on its 11 acre property in the Eugene south hills known as Patterson Hill: Opposition is mainly from neighboring residents, which is understandable, as they have long enjoyed a beautiful park in their backyards virtually unknown to the general public.

We endured the construction of a new water reservoir EWEB and their contractors built several years ago about 200 feet from our front door. We can confirm that it is not pleasant to live next to a large construction project with heavy equipment, traffic, noise, dust and general disruption. It would be better for the Patterson Hill neighbors to endure this disruption over two to three years only once, build both reservoirs and be done, rather than two to three years now, then another two to three years within the next decade. The cost savings from building both at once will benefit the entire community of ratepayers, so it seems a win-win for both the Patterson Hill neighbors and the community.

In our case, we thought it only fair for us to endure a couple of years of turmoil for the privilege of having one of the best municipal water supplies in the world. It would seem the height of selfishness to try to deny the entire community the benefit of a safe, plentiful and reliable water supply so you can have your own free quiet backyard parkland in perpetuity.

Alexandre Lockfeld

Joanne Carlson