Why Aren’t Addicts Being Helped?

Self destructive behavior is rampant. But sometimes people aren’t successful in taking their own lives, so they get others to do the dirty work. I’m reading an article in Eugene Weekly titled “A Hidden Death” (7/22) about a hardcore meth addict who eventually died after being “knelt on” by police. “An Eventual Death” could have been a more accurate title. Seems to me, getting into situation after situation where lawlessness and mayhem are involved is a cry for “help.” But maybe, it’s a cry for “get it over with already!”

Police defined victim-precipitated homicide as an incident in which individuals bent on self-destruction, engage in life threatening and criminal behavior to force law enforcement officers to kill them.

Why aren’t addicts rescued from the hell they live in — sooner? It isn’t compassionate to let young people live in tents high on heroin. It isn’t compassionate to give parents who are addicts a free pass instead of forcing sobriety for the sake of the offspring they are emotionally, often physically, abusing. Legitimate authority is what all of us need from day one. I don’t mind criticizing corrupt figures of authority; but, if you aren’t personally changing the dynamic, then hold off on the judgment (of the police) and begin the healing instead.

Jo Anne Ryan


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