Eugene Will Never Run Out Of Trees

I can’t help but chuckle over the Honey Boo Boo drama coming from local tree huggers who are protesting the EWEB water reservoir project on E. 40th Avenue, even though three out of four trees on the 10-acre site will remain standing. To whine about the cutting of trees in Eugene is akin to whining about the cutting of corn in Iowa.

Eugene’s urban forest is way overgrown and ripe for a deadly wildfire similar to Paradise, California, in November 2018. Let’s cull half of our trees and sequester the carbon before they burn and release it all into the atmosphere.

Furthermore, I would wager the hip pockets off my creased bell bottom jeans that three out of four folks who so passionately strive to protect the lives of trees also advocate for a mother’s right to end the lives of her preborn children. Am I right?

Don Richey