Photo courtesy of Moshow

Moshow the Cat Rapper

“Real Men Love Cats.” I have three cats and I proudly wear that T-shirt. Another man who openly loves cats is Portland-based Moshow the Cat Rapper — rapper, entertainer and the author of six children’s books. Moshow, who with his wife has five cats, has been featured in the premier episode of the Netflix series “Cat People,” showing his love of the feline. He will be at the Oregon Coast Humane Society in Florence this weekend, saluting the superior species and helping to spread the word about cat adoption. “We are so grateful that Moshow is willing to bring attention to some of our shelter cats who haven’t found families yet,” says Elizabeth Thompson, executive director of OCHS. As well she should be. Among Moshow’s book titles is A New Cattitude: An Illustrated Guide for Getting Through Tough Times. Then there’s iAmMoshow the Cat Rapper Official Coloring Book: Cattastic Edition and Kitty Litty: iAmMoshow’s Guide to Drawing Cats. All of them are must-haves for children. If you’re in Florence, go see Moshow.    

Moshow the Cat Rapper will be at the Oregon Coast Humane Society in Florence on Aug. 6 and 7. On Friday he will film public service announcements on behalf of OCHS. On Saturday, from 12:30 to 2 pm, Moshow will meet fans and sign books that are available for purchase at OCHS, 2840 Rhododendron Drive.