The Time To Fix The Climate Is Now

The greatest threat to our national security is the changing climate. With that being said we need to have our elected leaders advocate for it. A lot of people understand that combating climate change is not just about the climate, but also creating millions of good-paying jobs and making affordable housing more safe and comfortable.

One of the targets of House Bill 2021-23 is emissions-free energy by 2040. HB 2021-23 also includes allocated funds to community-based projects, specifically $50 million. To get any of these things done will need our congressional leaders to start advocating.

I am calling on Sens. Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley, Rep. Suzanne Bonamici and all congressional members in Oregon. This is not a matter of “believing” in climate change. It’s a real threat, and if we don’t take action soon it will eventually be too late. I would like to thank the Oregon League of Conservation Voters for all they do to try to educate the community about this dire threat. It’s also time that we start educating the youth on the effects of climate change and climate change alternatives because we all know that the decisions we make now will impact the next generation.

Taliek Lopez-Duboff